Regnum Christi Spotlight – introducing Brenner and Kristen LeCompte

Brenner and Kristen have been married for 5 years  and live in Ridgefield, CT with their three Children (Mariella 5; Brenner 3; and Baby LeCompte due in August of 2017). Brenner grew up in South Louisiana where he attend Legionary retreats from a young age and then went on to study high school at the Legionary boarding school Immaculate Conception Apostolic School in Center Harbor, NH.  He discerned a vocation for several years with the Legionaries.  Kristen grew up in Ridgefield, CT and met the Legion while attending College at Loyola of Baltimore.  In 2011 after returning home from a service year with the archdiocese of Chicago she met Brenner who at that time was studying for his MBA at Fordham University in Manhattan.

From a young age Brenner was attracted to apostolic nature of the movement and wanted to be active in helping other people to know and love Christ. Kristen was attracted to integral nature of the movement. She loved that the faith was something that was regulated to Sundays but lived everyday of your life.

Brenner and Kristen have been active in Youth Ministry for the last 5 years. Building two separate high school and middle school programs at two parishes. They have also been active in the Regnum Christi NY Tri-State Marriage Preparation program, Three to Get Married.  Before children they helped as a host couple and now they have been instrumental in building an apostolate around Faith & Finance. With the high rate of divorce among couples and the struggles that many couples face around personal finance, they have designed a blog:, coaching session, resources and are currently working on book to help newly engaged and newlywed couples.

Brenner says,  “Balancing our call to be apostles with our vocation as parents is never an easy task.  Our understanding and approach to apostolate has had to shift as we balance all aspects of our life.  I think this have been one of the more difficult aspects our of vocation to Regnum Christi.  In the first 5 years of our marriage we had 3 kids, I worked full time while finishing my MBA at night and we were running two youth programs. To say that it was a challenge is understatement. But with the guidance and direction of our spiritual directors we were able to focus on the essentials and find what God was asking of us in each stage.”

Outside of our family, work and apostolate we like to stay very active. Kristen (when she is not pregnant) competes in Marathons and triathlons.  She belongs to a Master Swim Team  and is a fitness instructor for a local organization called Fit4Mom. She helps new moms to find community and support through fitness. Brenner also competes in triathlons and enjoys learning about and collecting wine.

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