NYC Holy Week Missions, Day 2: Beyond the Empire


NYC Holy Week Missions, Day 2

“Beyond the Empire”

Each night as I head into Manhattan for the mission I see skyscrapers in my view and wonder what’s beyond the Empire and in store for the mission. It’s been about 50 degrees but when the sun goes down you can feel the dampness from the winter thaw. I pray my rosary for the day and say, “Lord what you will, I so desire to do.” I surrender to God’s will. There should be no different feel from the time before the mission to the now of the mission. Scripture tells us to Pray without ceasing. I’m driving down the West Side Drive and I reflect. How did I treat my family? Was I a courteous driver? Did I yield to oncoming cars or did I try to be first?  Did I bring my mission to the people in the crosswalk or did I save up my goodness for a moment to save tme? Am I working in human time or the Kronos – God’s time? Brother Lawrence says our relationship with God should be like a conversation. It doesn’t end. My wifi to God should always be “on”. Tonight was more about being in the now. Tonight was still about inviting passersby to confession and being a light in a world filled with darkness. Tonight for me personally was dedicated to the highest form of prayer – the Holy Sacrifice of the mass. We come together in communal prayer and partake in the mass. The people who came in to the church from the cold street corner stayed for Mass. Father Jason says at the Metropolitan Museum there is painting by Caravaggio, “The Denial Of Peter.”  Father reflects on the preeminent power of God’s mercy  over sin; how he converted this broken man and transformed him into the leader of His Church.   Peter is depicted in Caravaggio’s painting with his hands clenched, vehemently denying Jesus.  Peter denies Jesus not once, not twice, but three times. And what does Jesus do? He shows Peter His Divine Mercy. What a great gift the missionaries bring to the streets of Manhattan. Many Empires have fallen. And the Kingdom still remains. The Kingdom of God IS at hand. To be a missionary is a gift and we bring the love and Mercy of Jesus to a hurting and troubled world. We bring the Light to the darkness. Jesus infinity, the Fallen One Zero!  Just as Father Jason explains Divine Mercy I see a priest go to another priest for confession. God’s Mercy endures forever for all!



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