Watch the Powerful Easter Ritual Performed by Christians Each Year in the Streets of New York City

THE BLAZE post Mar. 27, 2016 by Josiah Ryan:  click to view video Each year a group of Christians from an organization called Mission Youth reenact the moments before the crucifixion of Christ in the streets of Lower Manhattan. The dramatic ritual, which included an actor playing Jesus, as well as Roman soldiers and other

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NYC Youth Holy Week Mission

Watch video of high school teens sharing Christ’s love on the streets of New York City inviting Catholics to Confession, feeding the homeless, asking for prayer intentions on the Cross Walk, presenting a Living Stations of the Cross, playing with Harlem children in an Angel for a Day program and more!

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The Pitch

“The Alleluia People– Outside the Wall”

Holy Saturday Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, SoHo.  Chilly morning.  Weather finishing where we started:  cold, partly sunny then cloudy,  windy, dry.  The weather seems to be the only thing unchanged around here since Day 1.  The Regnum Christi  missionaries have changed for sure, grown even deeper in Faith having worked hand in hand with the

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Simon of Cyrene

“Long Journey Home”

Good Friday Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, So Ho.  Good Friday morning.  Warm air from the south.  Dark storm clouds threatening.  Occasional sunlight bursting through the cloud cover.  Showers forecasted.  Bring it on…. All week, we’ve building towards this day.  Preparing the neighborhood.  Turning hearts. Awakening dead consciences.  Opening the tomb.  Many Lazarus’, on their way

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The Troops

“Sinners to Saints”

Holy Thursday Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, So Ho.  During his powerful homily on the transformative power of the sacraments, Msgr. Sakano this evening spoke of Christ’s call for sinners, those “not worthy” and “not able” to carry his cause into the streets.  “This unworthiness is precisely what qualifies them for the task.  Their unworthiness gives

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Pope Francis

“Light 110, Darkness 72”

Holy Wednesday NYC Holy Week Mission event details    |    SIGN UP HERE Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, SoHo.  Tonight, March Madness came to SoHo. Our little band of missionaries was joined by another half dozen missionary reinforcenents from Manhattan and New Jersey, and then at almost precisely 4:00, the team bus rolled in.  Thirty

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Three Amigos


Holy Tuesday Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, So Ho.  The blustery wind of last night calmed.  The afternoon was bright and sunny.  And with the good weather, our encounters out on the corner seemed to extend and multiply.  Although we had only 3 missionaries out there, and one in the back of the Church, business was

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Christ in the World

“I’ll Be Back”

Holy Monday Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, So Ho.  Cold, blustery night in New York City.  We’ve had worse!  We all know what to do.   By the time I arrive from work, John  has the mission store set up.  Lumen brother Ray and RC woman Marie are on the streets, the priests established in the Church. 

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