Fr. David Barton, LC

Parochial Vicar
Lumen Chaplain Rye Circle

From: Louisville, KY

Date of Ordination: December 13, 2014

Favorite Scripture: John 2:1-11

I like the passage of the wedding feast at Cana because I feel that whenever we listen to what Mary asks of the servants (“Do whatever He tells you”) Jesus blesses us by making not only new wine in our lives but the best wine.

“His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’ 

Favorite Hobby: Golf, constructing model cars, and hiking.

Father David, what are your main apostolates within Regnum Christi?

As Parochial Vicar at Resurrection, I am able to be a shepherd not only to the Catholics that live within our parish boundary but also to share the charism that we live as Regnum Christi members through my preaching and interaction with my parishioners. I am blessed to have a platform to be able to spread the Kingdom of Christ not only to a select few but to all those who walk through the doors of the Church. I am able to be an apostle who in turn seeks to form others in the parish to be apostles.

Why do you love being a priest?

I love being a priest because it is something that today is seen as counter-cultural. I love being a priest because I am able to share the joy that the Lord has given to me in my heart with those that I meet who are often very much in need of experiencing the love of Christ. I love being a priest because I feel that I have received my priesthood as a gift from God and I want to use this gift for His glory in this short life that I have received.