Marriage Renewal


Our Lady of Bethesda retreat center offers Strengthening Your Love, a Christ-Centered marriage renewal workshop for married or engaged couples looking to reconnect, repair, and re-energize their marriage.

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At-Home Retreat

Do a retreat at home as a couple – Retreat Guides provided by Regnum Christi Spirituality Center

Wired to Love podcast

What does real love look like? How do we live authentic love in our lives? Whether you are single, dating, married, or consecrated – loving well is the most important mission in our lives. In this podcast, Fr. Martin Connor, LC, will be consistently joined by the following contributors: Joe Zuniga (married), Sarah Rocko (single professional), and Lauren Hawkesworth (consecrated). He will also take the Wired to Love podcast on the road to homes, colleges, parishes, and more.

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