Overcoming Inertia

Many of us have faced the difficulty of overcoming the inertia of our bad health habits. We may go for a long time eating junk food and keep postponing a healthier lifestyle until we are shocked at the news of how much we have gained in weight. Eventually we become conscious of our situation and

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The Seed of God’s Grace

Jesus’ parable talk about the slow but sure work of God’s grace. There may be some weeds, but his wheat is far more abundant. Fr Steven Reilly’s homily at St Vito-Most Holy Trinity Parish, Mamaroneck, New York.

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Cross of Love

Advent Mission 2016 Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, SoHo.    Cold, blustery night in SoHo.  Market making new highs.  Pedestrians in a hurry to escape the cold, finish their Christmas shopping, or to get to dinner.  And everywhere they walked in the neighborhood, they found missionaries.  We had nearly 40 young Legionary seminarians surrounding the parish perimeter,

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