For Couples




Pathway to a Blessed Marriage

A Weekend Retreat for Married Couples

Marriage Retreats are designed to be quiet and reflective times for couples to focus on God, each other, prayer, and spiritual growth. This retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius includes reflections on marriage with opportunities for reconciliation, spiritual dialogue, couples time, and adoration. The program is designed to give couples concrete tools to help deepen their understanding of themselves and their relationship, and the opportunity to have conversations that help a marriage flourish.

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What couples had to say about their “Pathway to a Blessed Marriage” weekend…

“It brought us closer to each other and to Christ. The Reflections were excellent and thought-provoking and helped us to reorder our lives toward the ultimate end…which is getting to heaven and helping others to get there also.  The availability of the sacraments (Eucharist and Confession) as well as spiritual direction really made this a Christ-centered weekend…just what we were looking for.  We’ve already started to spread the good news about this program!”

“…we really enjoyed our weekend away together.  It was a time of great healing and a time to dive deeper into faith.  We would recommend this retreat to all couples who want to dive deeper into their relationship with each other and with Christ.  It was also a great time to meet other faith-filled couples and to create friendships.  The Holy Spirit was really at work during the weekend!”

“…this weekend was a highlight for us. We are married almost 36 years (we were the oldest married couple there) but wanted to attend this retreat as we are now entering a new phase of our lives, “empty nesters”. Although the retreat was encouraged to be silent, the connections we made with other married couples were so meaningful to us. Fr. Ed led some beautiful meditations and through Fr. Ed and the psychologist that was present,  Dr. Greg, the questions prompted led to some deep dialogue among us. We all shared how “safe” we felt to share our experiences with each other. The weekend was so memorable and so precious that you almost want to savor each moment before heading back to reality. I would encourage anyone looking to enrich their married life to participate in “Path to  a Blessed Marriage.” A huge thank you to the couples who helped facilitate and organize this weekend, Well done! I truly feel the Holy Spirit led us to participate in this experience.”

“…my husband and I had both been to Spiritual Exercises individually.  We couldn’t imagine how rich of an experience it would be to attend this retreat as a married couple, praying together and discussing all we were learning in the meditations.  Even after 23 happy years together, it opened our eyes to how the other responds to the world.  This awareness has helped us both be more gentle with each other.  I highly recommend the retreat for couples at any stage in marriage!”