Three To Get Married Recap

On Saturday, April 3rd twelve couples gathered at the Legionaries of Christ community house in Rye, NY. Three to Get Married is a marriage prep program that draws upon the best in contemporary psychology, practical wisdom from married couples, and the beauty of the Church’s teaching on marriage and family life. Fr Jorge Obregon, LC, led the weekend with program coordinator Laura Esposito and a team of speakers and volunteers. Here is what some of our couples had to say about their Three to Get Married experience!

My Fiancé and I had signed up to do the Three to Get Married program not really knowing what it would entail. We both had reservations going into the program, worried that we didn’t fit the mold of a “good Christian couple.” However, our reservations quickly vanished as we were greeted at the door by Fr. Jorge and his dog Rico. Fr. Jorge started off the retreat with a prayer and stories about love. His energetic and kind spirit made all of the couples feel welcomed and understood. Throughout the weekend we talked to various couples about what it means to be married, how to keep God at the forefront of your marriage, and how to use God’s love to create life. The Three to Get Married program is not a “one size fits all” model. They teach you different techniques to use when you and your spouse are in a conflict when you need something more from your spouse and effective communication strategies for everyday married life. We also learned about the various love languages and how to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. After the program ended, Joey and I vowed to always make time for each other, to take a “time out” when a conflict has become too heated, and to always be there for each other. It was a truly beautiful weekend and we could not be happier that we chose the Three to Get Married program.

Molly and Joey

Three to get Married encouraged us to embrace the spiritual element of our relationship; something that has always been there but not at the forefront of our minds as a couple. Through lectures, prayer, and time to reflect as a couple, this weekend has instilled confidence that our love will grow deeper and that we’ll be able to confront adversity, knowing that God will sustain us. Marriage is the beginning of something new, and prioritizing this spiritual element has made us only more excited to continue the journey that God has in store for us.

Paul and Molly

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