“The Word of God is Living and Active”: When Motherhood, Faith, and Fitness Intertwine

For Kristen LeCompte, motherhood and fitness go hand in hand. She’s both a stay-at-home mom and a part-time fitness instructor, and has been working with a fitness program called Fit4mom, a program that supports wellness in women throughout all stages of motherhood, since her oldest daughter was born. But when she signed up to run

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A Voice of Clarity for Young Adults

“Today we are surrounded by division, confusion, and uncertainty. Bedrock values that enabled prior generations to endure hardship, overcome challenges, and thrive are no longer considered essential. Truth has become a personal quest, not a universal compass,” explains Father Jorge Obregon, LC. As Catholics, we all acknowledge that college-aged kids and young professionals are up

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My Journey to Regnum Christi

Growing up in Ohio, I didn’t know anyone who wasn’t Catholic. I am the youngest of three girls. We all attended Catholic school, and our family never missed Sunday Mass, followed by brunch at my grandparent’s house. I had a happy childhood with devoted parents who gave me everything a kid needed. I set off

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