A Voice of Clarity for Young Adults

“Today we are surrounded by division, confusion, and uncertainty. Bedrock values that enabled prior generations to endure hardship, overcome challenges, and thrive are no longer considered essential. Truth has become a personal quest, not a universal compass,” explains Father Jorge Obregon, LC.

As Catholics, we all acknowledge that college-aged kids and young professionals are up against so much in our culture. Thankfully, now we have Father Jorge Obregon, LC, to help. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, connecting with this age group and delivering a message of truth and hope has become his mission and passion.

Father Jorge grew up in Monterrey, Mexico as well as Texas, along with his parents and three brothers—and didn’t discover his calling to the priesthood until he was fully engaged in the business world himself. After earning a degree in Business Administration at ITESO in Guadalajara, Mexico, he was employed at Flextronics International, Ltd., which provides electronic manufacturing services. “One evening after work, while I was attending a ‘men’s holy hour’ and praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I heard the voice of God say,  ‘Jorge, I need you for Me.’ That was not a request I was able to turn down. I was 26 at the time.”

As a young person, Father Jorge was introduced to Regnum Christi, an ecclesial movement within the Catholic Church, and attended their ECYD Youth Camp (Encounters, Convictions, Your Decisions). “At camp, I learned about making free and responsible decisions according to Gospel criteria,” explained Father Jorge. “As a teenager and college student, I sought spiritual direction and always stayed connected to the movement. When I received my calling to the priesthood, I had a natural connection with the Legionaries of Christ, the international congregation of priests who are part of the Regnum Christi Federation. I began my novitiate in Columbia, and my formation took me to Germany, Spain, and Italy. I was ordained a Legion of Christ priest in 2009.” Over the past 14 years Father Jorge has poured himself out to reach young adults—much of it spent with the underserved Latino population.

Today, Father Jorge resides in Rye, NY. He lives with several other Legionaries and is Assistant Chaplain for NY Tri-State Regnum Christi members. He recently authored a book (the newest of several) entitled Solid Ideas for a Fluid World: Providing Timeless Answers in a Climate of Constant Change. In it, Father Jorge answers questions such as: Is there one truth, or many? Who, and what can I trust? and What is the secret to happiness? “We know there are thousands and thousands—even millions—of people putting material out there in so many platforms. How can one know which path to follow, and how can one build upon rock, and not the new podcaster, the new YouTuber, the latest trend?” asks Father Jorge. “What I’m trying to do is give people perennial ideas that have shaped Western culture, Western civilization, and Christianity.”

Cutting through all the noise is clearly not easy. Father Jorge is constantly challenged to be entrepreneurial and creative in presenting the timeless values and principles of the Church. To that end, you can find him on Instagram and YouTube where he is battling other voices to provide balance and solid ground in our crazy culture.

And his latest endeavor may have even more impact. Just last year he and his team launched an innovative online program called “Our Voice.” Its mission is to form a leadership network of youthful, eager truth-seekers who are dedicated to building a civilization of justice and peace in these confusing and tumultuous times. Designed as an online program, “Our Voice” is a space where like-minded college students and young professionals can safely gather to network, discuss, and take action towards a future where good, truth, and beauty reign. Discussions are formed around 3 core topics: Social Issues (for example, Challenging the Narrative of The Politically Correct), Leadership (with topics such as The Ideal Team Player: Hungry, Humble, Smart), and Spirituality (for example, Finding Your Core Identity and Dismissing the Lies of The World). These group discussions will be enhanced by pre-recorded interviews Father Jorge has conducted with world-class, current thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs. The program includes follow-up questions and worksheets to stimulate the conversation. The impressive line-up of interviewees includes Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report; Carla Toscano, women’s rights activist; and Jeff Schiefelbein, Chief Culture Officer of 5, an energy advisory firm, just to name a few. The “One Voice” programs are available as downloads and can be used on college campuses, at parishes, or any small group format.

“I never cease to be amazed by the beauty and depth of their innermost questions about the tough and complex issues that young adults face today,” says Father Jorge about his interactions with this unique population. Being new to Westchester, Father is excited to make connections in the area and would welcome any parent, school, parish, or other groups that would be interested in utilizing his new program. He understands that many of us are concerned with the cultural tide, and its powerful pull on our young adults. At a certain age, we lose control over our older children’s choices, and in all too many cases, we see them drift away from God and the Church. “This is the point where we need to talk to God about our kids—because we are less able to talk to our kids about God,” explains Father.

Prayer is a powerful weapon! And thanks to Father Jorge’s dedication, faith, and hope in our young adults of today, we now have a few more tools in our toolbox to begin to heal this wonderful, challenging, and strange new world.

You can follow Father Jorge online on his YouTube channel, or Instagram @jobregong. You can purchase his book, Solid Ideas for a Fluid World: Providing Timeless Answers in a Climate of Constant Change, on Amazon. To find out more about “Our Voice,” visit www.ourvoice.82.com.

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