A Roadmap to Eternity

In the New York Tri-State, if there were a competition for which month deserves the title “most likely to remind you of the end times,” November would most certainly win.  Visitors to our area shouldn’t be fooled by the gorgeous, warm, multicolored foliage. Any local will tell you that it’s just a matter of weeks

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A Recipe for Abundance

How is it possible that a Roman centurion and a Jewish fisherman could have something relevant to say about how to live life abundantly in the 21st century? That’s precisely what twenty-seven women were asking themselves when Father Eric Nielsen, LC, presented them with a reading from the Acts of the Apostles (10:1-48) at the

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A Triduum of Forgiveness

In the New York Tri-State, November began with a powerful Triduum. Of course, the entire Catholic Church celebrated the double punch of All Saints Day and All Souls Day which fills the first two days of November with a magnificent goal (heaven) and a bracing reality check (purgatory). Who doesn’t want to be among the

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