Know God, Know Peace

Carving out time to reflect and pray is an ongoing challenge. Managing the legitimate demands of work, school, and family takes effort while resisting distractions requires discipline and self-control. But how can one do it all? To address these common human challenges, Regnum Christi NY Tri-State is offering separate opportunities for men and women to

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A Weekend of Silence?!

About 17 years ago, my son was an official member of the Brigade of Midshipmen at Annapolis, and I was officially an empty nester.  My friends, in an attempt to keep me busy and sane(!), invited me to every Gala and Catholic event in the greater New York area.  When one of them suggested a retreat,

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A Time to Gather

New York, Feast of Padre Pio. This morning the city awoke to a chill, clear autumn day; the storms of yesterday have passed. The promise of a glorious fall is in the air. And today’s first reading, from Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, seems right on cue. There is indeed a time for all things, and through all

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