Suffering Changes Everything

Pain and suffering make each one of us question our lives. Why did this happen? What does it mean? Will I ever be happy again? Amidst all these questions, suffering in the life of a person, when it is endured with grace, changes everything.

As witnesses to pain, suffering, and transformation, Fr. Jorge Obregon, LC, a Catholic priest, and Nayeli Pereznegrón, a lawyer as well as a wife and mother of three, come together to offer you answers to many questions: What do I do with the suffering that I feel? How can I welcome it and discover its transforming power? Where do I find the answers to whether suffering makes any sense? Why does it seem that we suffer more in defeat than we enjoy the happiness of success?

Suffering Changes Everything is a book that will help you find love, hope, and happiness on the other side of suffering and pain.

Nayeli Pereznegrón is a wife and mother of three, a lawyer, human rights and social activist. She finished a Masters in Theology at the University of St Thomas in Houston. After her son Luis Pablo went to heaven, she and her husband started “Luchando por Ángeles Pequeños A.C.” (Fighting for Little Angels), a foundation that supports low-income children in Mexico who are battling cancer. As president of this foundation, she has given many talks, served as an advisor for local and state programs, and has been awarded many honors, including the Ambassador at The Economy of Francesco (Pope Francis call). Nayeli is also the author of the book: Everything Will Be Alright: My Heart Will Beat for You.

Fr. Jorge Obregón is a Catholic priest with the Legionaries of Christ. He is passionate about working with young adults and families. His areas of interest involve happiness, faith, and questions of life and self-development. Fr. Jorge has a Bachelors degrees in Philosophy and Theology from the Regina Apostolorum in Rome. He has a Masters in Biblical Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego. In 2012 Fr. Jorge along with a group of highly committed lay people, founded the Search retreat for young adults. He also founded New Fire, a digital platform with Catholic content for Hispanics across the world. Fr. Jorge has been forming young people in leadership, faith, and values for 16 years. He is the author of the book: Solid Ideas for a Fluid World: What is Wrong with this Generation?

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