These Things the Lord Has Done

NYC Holy Week Mission Day 6 – Good Friday  “And my soul shall live for Him, my children serve Him. They shall tell of the Lord for generations yet to come, Declare His faithfulness to peoples yet unborn: These things the Lord has done.” Ps 22: 31-32 Prince and Mott, St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.  As

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Amazing Grace at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

NYC Holy Week Mission Day 3 A truly amazing day, full of Amazing Grace. What a blessing to encourage so many to receive the sacrament of reconciliation! One young woman was very reluctant to confess her sins, but with the grace of God, she finally went into the confessional. When she came out, she spent

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In less than a week, our missionaries will be out on the streets of New York during Holy Week for the first time since 2019.  Our theme this year will be Compassion, as evidenced by the Father in the Return of the Prodigal Son.  Sign up to be a missionary. I recently wrote a short

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An Epic Prayer for the Lenten Season

In 2016, I piled into a hot, crowded bus in Krakow, Poland, with my then 16-year-old twins, Luke and Olivia, and our small youth group from St. Patrick’s in Armonk. It was the first day of World Youth Week, and along with millions of others, we had set out to explore the incredible city and

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Three Amigos

All You Need is Faith, Hope and Love

Dear Missionaries in Christ, In a few short days, we will be holding our 8th annual Ash Wednesday mission in So Ho.  Whether you are a mission regular caught up in the spiritual high of delivering needy souls to the Lord for healing, or an interested but as yet uncommitted bystander of this “Are you

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Broken Instruments of God’s Mercy

Some time ago, I had a very beautiful experience of confession.  In a community of priests, we normally confess each other’s sins.  However, we may tend to favor one or two as our go to companions to go to confession.  They may be our normal confessors.  Well, this time I ventured to go to confession

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