Broken Instruments of God’s Mercy

Some time ago, I had a very beautiful experience of confession.  In a community of priests, we normally confess each other’s sins.  However, we may tend to favor one or two as our go to companions to go to confession.  They may be our normal confessors.  Well, this time I ventured to go to confession

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Seven Times?

Peter’s question about forgiveness means that that he is starting to understand the Lord’s message. Jesus’ ultimate lesson will be from the cross. Fr Steven Reilly’s homily at St Vito-Most Holy Trinity Parish, Mamaroneck, New York.

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Living Summer Well

Summer Top Ten Recently I was asked to give a talk at Walking with Purpose on “Living Summer Well”. I was delighted to speak on this theme as, over the years, I have noticed how easy it is to let the unique opportunities that summer provides slip by, and before I know it, am right

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