Holy Wednesday: A Prayer Cloud

Beautiful images, holy Church, blessed encounters, amazing graces!! What my teammate and I will remember most about this year’s Holy Week missions -so many positive encounters guided by the Holy Spirit.  What We will cherish most and continue to ponder in our hearts were the earnest and heartfelt  responses of the people we met to

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NYC Holy Week Missions, Day 1: It Begins

SIGN UP TO BE A NYC HOLY WEEK MISSIONARY   |   MORE INFO 2018 Holy Week Mission Blog, Day 1 “It Begins” St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, SoHo, 2018.   One of the topics we’ve discussed with the missionaries  in our missionary boot camp program has been the role of you know who—the Prince of Darkness.  The Devil

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Close Encounters with God

When I was about 12 years old I watched the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  It was a movie about aliens and an attempt at communicating with them.  It turned out that these aliens were friendly and good willed.  However, before we came to that realization, there was the mystery of the unknown.

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