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Welcome to the Regnum Christi Family!

Welcome to the Regnum Christi family!

Recently, five of us traveled, from different parts of Connecticut, on a sunny, cold, crisp morning to attend our Women’s Morning Retreat in Rye, NY.  We joined with around 30 other women for the retreat, which was titled, “The Eucharist and Ecclesial Unity”.  This reflection, given by Fr. Eric, was a refresh to the time when I first encountered Regnum Christi and the Legionaries of Christ; a moment of insight that entwined with my own personal reflections, that gave light, affirmation, further direction, and growth.  God spoke to each of us, helping us to discern how we could live more profoundly a deeper communion with Him in the eucharistic feast; a time of unity with Him and the Body of Christ; the Church community.  Fr. Eric helped us to see that the preparation we receive prior to receiving the Eucharist is a preparation that brings us to unity, where we can break bread together.  This unity comes through The Creed, where we have the same beliefs, the Sacraments, and the hierarchy of the Church.   You can listen to Fr. Eric’s podcast, from the New Jersey Morning of Reflection, on our RC app.  I highly encourage it!

Welcome to the Regnum Christi family!

The morning bore great fruit, which witnessed the shared reality of our Regnum Christi spiritual family.  Three women, whose joy was palpable, responded to the Lord’s call to associate to our Regnum Christi Movement after months of reflection, experiences, and sharing with our RC women.   Fr. Jorge Obregon, who also accompanied these ladies, was able to join in the celebration live, via Zoom.  What particularly stood out to me was that this was a moment of joy and celebration within our Movement that included our new sisters’ families and friends.  Their presence felt like a fuller welcoming into the spiritual family of the Movement as the family is where we first witness our love of Christ.  The love of Christ impels us to love Christ first and to extend His love to others like Christ the Apostle of the Kingdom!  Welcome to the Regnum Christi family Paola, Carolina, and Martha!

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